Tilføj til Ønskelite
Tilføj til Ønskelite
Tilføj til Ønskelite
Tilføj til Ønskelite

Bemærk den 5 Liters dunk er åben, cirka 3.5 Liter tilbage.

BRAKE AWAY ‘Lite’ Wheel Cleaner is specifically designed to be used on wheels with sensitive finishes where a regular wheel cleaner may be too strong. This is especially the case when dealing with bare polished alloy split rims and wheels that are not lacquered or clear powdercoated. The blend of specially selected detergents and surfactants are blended to provide a safe cleaning option.

During development we have found this to be highly effective at removing brake dust build up at dilutions of 1:6 and above and 1:20 on regular maintenance.

We advise with any uncoated surfaces that a small inconspicuous area is tested first to ensure it is suitable and the correct dilution ratio has been mixed.

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500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml

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